2021_22 PROCESS PLAN 29 July 2020Download
Draft IDP 2020-202119 May 2020Download
Draft IDP 28_03_2019 (PLANNING AND PMS)01 April 2019Download
KZN235 SDBIP 2018-201926 June 2018Download
Draft 2018_19 Okhahlamba IDP.pdf02 April 2018Download
Public notice- IDP amend 201514 September 2017Download
final IDP 2017_1805 Jul 2017Download
Public notice- IDP amend 201516 Feb 2017Download
2017/18 Process Plan27 Oct 2016Download
Public notice- SDBIP 201630 Jun 2016Download
Uthukela District Spacial Perspective Overview29 Jun 2016Download
Okhahlamba Local Municipality IDP 2016/1720 Jun 2016Download
Okhahlamba Municipality Spatial Development Framework31 May 2016Download
Okhahlamba Zoning Map Winterton25 May 2016Download
Okhahlamba Zoning Map Geluksburg25 May 2016Download
Okhahlamba Zoning Map Cathkin Park25 May 2016Download
Okhahlamba Zoning Map Bergville 25 May 2016Download
Okhahlamba Local Municipality Draft Scheme25 May 2016Download
Land Use Scheme and Rural Land Use Management Policy in Course of Preparation 20 May 2016Download
Public notice- idp budget 1611 Mar 2016Download
Draft Process Plan: IDP Review 2016/1725 Aug 2015Download
Final IDP 2015-1630 Jul 2015Download
Okhahlamba Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2014/1530 Jun 2014Download
Okhahlamba Local Municipality Draft Integrated Development Plan 2014/201508 Apr 2014Download
Okhahlamba Local Municipality Integrated Development Plan (IDP) 2013/201425 Jul 2013Download
Annual Reporting Checklist 2011/201218 Jan 2013Download
Auditor Generals Audit Report 2012/2013 [30 Nov 2012Download
Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 201230 Jun 2012Download
30 Jun 201230 Jun 2012Download
Audit Committee Report to the Executive Council 2011/201227 Jun 2012Download
Final Integrated Development Plan 2012/1308 Apr 2012Download